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Summer Rentals:
Real Estate Rental Terms & Policies

How to Book a Saratoga Springs Seasonal Rental
The first step in finding the perfect “rental property” begins when you complete the “Find a Home" form. After reviewing your needs, we will send you a list of homes that meet your criteria. You may also review the 300 + list of homes on the web page and request a specific home. After you give us your selection, we will confirm that the property you are interested in is still available for the time period you wish. We will then call you to confirm. We will prepare the lease and send it to you via email or mail for your signature. After you have signed the documents, return them along with the security deposit (payable to the home owner) to our office, Racing City Realty, 530 Maple Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. The three documents you will receive are: Lease, Security Deposit Agreement and Policy Statement as well as the NYS Agency Disclosure. All three documents require your signature.

Saratoga Springs Seasonal Rental Leases
The leases will outline the terms of your Saratoga Springs seasonal rental. Please read the lease carefully as it is a legally binding agreement. We require that the signed lease be returned to our office within 10 days of the confirmed booking along with the security deposit. The first half of the rent is due 2 months prior to your arrival and the 2nd half is due 1 month prior to arrival. All checks should be payable to the homeowner.

Agency Disclosure
Please note that Racing City Realty represents homeowners on all rental transactions. Agency Disclosure forms are sent to all tenants who have made verbal agreements to rent a particular home. The Agency Disclosure must be returned along with the rental agreement and security deposit.

The Security Deposit
Your Security Deposit is held by your Saratoga Springs Seasonal rental property owner who will deposit your check into their bank. The home owner has up to 30 days from the end date of your tenancy to return the deposit to you. There may be deductions from the security deposit such as long distance phone calls, pay per view cable charges, cost of any damage caused, applicable bank charges and any cleaning costs. Generally speaking renters leaving homes in the same condition in which they were found when they move in, should receive their full security deposit returned to them. Please note that Racing City Realty does not act as an arbitrator in any security deposit disputes.

Booking Last Minute Saratoga Springs Seasonal Rentals
In the event a rental request is made for a rental starting in less than 30 days, the lease documents will be emailed to the tenant. The money and the signed lease documents are due back to Racing City Realty within 3 business days of receiving the emailed lease. The full rental amount along with the security deposit can be paid by either wiring the funds to the Racing City Realty Escrow Account or by bringing cash to the Racing City Realty office prior to your rental.

Cancellation Policy
If it becomes necessary to cancel your Saratoga Springs rental, you are required to notify Racing City Realty in writing by certified mail. You are responsible for all of the payments under the lease. If the property can be rented for the same amount, you will receive a refund less a 15% cancellation fee. If the property cannot be rented for that time period, the entire amount of the contract will be forfeited.

Allergy Free – Allergy Friendly Homes
Homes that have the indication of Allergy Free or Allergy Friendly are an indication that the owners do not smoke or allow pets in their homes.

Other Saratoga Springs Seasonal Rental Details
Pets and smoking are not permitted in most of the rental houses. (See individual homes for exceptions to these rules.) Rentals usually go from Saturday or Sunday to the following Saturday and Sunday. Occasionally home owners are willing to negotiate either partial weeks or odd day check-ins. Please do not hesitate to make an inquiry if you require a different check in or check out time/day on a particular property. Check in time is 3:00 PM and check out time is 12:00 PM (Noon).

The location of the key is outlined in the security deposit document. Home Owners have been asked to leave a welcome booklet, general information on their home and check out procedures for your review. Generally this information is left on the kitchen counter.

Unlike other vacation/rental destinations, folks renting in Saratoga Springs are requested to strip their beds and leave towels and bedding in the laundry room, however they are not required to wash the sheets and towels. It is a nice touch if they decide to do so and we at Racing City Realty have never heard a homeowner complain if a tenant started the laundry.

Visiting Rental Properties
Anyone wishing to see any rental properties listed on the web site must make prior arrangements with the Broker. At no time shall a future tenant or prospective tenant stop by unannounced for a” look see”.

Your cooperation in this matter will ensure your safety and guarantee owner’s privacy.

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